When Others Don’t Buy Into Your Vision

Greg Lim
3 min readNov 10, 2022


Sometimes, when you have a grand vision eg.:

  • I want to be an entrepreneur!
  • I want to start that business,
  • Begin a new project
  • Start a new ministry,
  • Help in a new non-profit initiative.

And you realize people are not on board with you. They might even throw shades.

How do you react?

  • Disappointment with the person? Angry?
  • “Since no one understands me, let me do it myself!”

The following may help you understand why they are reacting so. And how we can respond.

1. Different Exposures

It could simply be the other person hasn’t been exposed to what you have. He might not see things from your perspective because he is in a different state. That happens all the time.

I am sure people mocked Elon Musk when he had a vision of cars powered by electricity or rockets landing back on earth. He in fact, had mocked Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse idea.

But Elon was exposed to what electric cars were capable of. He was exposed to a Physics education where based on first principles, he knew it was possible for a rocket’s first stage to land back on earth.

2. Different Trust

If one has not been exposed to what you have, it will naturally result in lesser trust/confidence in what your vision is capable of achieving.

3. Different Burdens

It could also be because the other simply has different burdens on his plate.

His mind might be trying to solve an existing problem and thus, have lesser mental energy to explore your vision. He is just too occupied.

4. They have not understood your ‘WHY’

The above three points will contribute to this reason. They have not understood your ‘why’. They might be misunderstanding your starting point, and have doubts, or don’t feel as strongly as you do.

How should we respond?

  1. Give them time to be exposed to what you have been, and also give them time to understand your ‘WHY’.
  2. Hear what they have to say, take in constructive feedback, discard the rest, and continue doing what you think is right (as far as its possible). When you achieve results, you will earn credibility and people will slowly get on board with you.
  3. Reinforce your vision and ‘Why’ to them over and over again.
  4. Understand that you yourself will react with hesitation/distrust when someone else shares their ‘grand vision’ with you.
  5. Give, Give, Give before Asking. Asking others to subscribe to your vision is a HUGE ASK. Perhaps, think of how you can first GIVE, be interested in others’ vision before you ask them to get on board yours.


Thus, don’t take it too hard/personally when you are excited about an opportunity but others don’t.

As long as it’s a good work, carry on doing it.

*PS: I am writing this article for myself.

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Greg Lim