What you must know to make sales in Amazon KDP in 2023

Greg Lim
2 min readJan 9


1. Write short concise books (number of pages 100–200).

  • Small books -> Small bets.
  • Short books are easier to write: It takes less time and effort to write, making it a more feasible project for an author.
  • Short books are easier to read: Some readers prefer shorter books because they can be read in a shorter amount of time and may be less intimidating to start.
  • Short books can be more focused: A shorter book can be more tightly focused on a specific topic or idea, making it more cohesive and easier to understand.
  • Short books can be more accessible: Shorter books may be more accessible to a wider audience, as they can be more affordable .

Shortbooks can be just as effective at conveying ideas and stories as longer ones.

2. Identify, ride & write 2023 trends in your expertise.


  • Using ChatGPT to write a song
  • Hybrid remote offsite/onsite work
  • META (not too sure about this though)

3. Rather than focus on sales during launches, aim to get as much ratings and reviews.

You might think you are giving up on initial launch royalties, but trust me, reviews will kick the Amazon flywheel running and work for you better in the long-term.

It helps in:

  • Visibility and search ranking: Ratings help a book rank higher and better on Amazon
  • Credibility: Ratings and reviews build credibility for a book more than even an author’s credentials (I don’t care if you have a PhD when your book has a overall one star rating).

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Greg Lim