Small Wins for January 2023

Greg Lim
2 min readJan 16


Excited to begin Amazon Authors cohort 5!

Never imagined reaching a 5th cohort when Smallbets sparked the idea

This time, I’ve got at least 4 enrolments from medium, 1 from Reddit, even 1 from a Youtube interview!

Surprised repurposing tweets on medium reaped benefits.

If I were to repurpose the Java quote of “Write Once, Run Everywhere” for a Creator, it would be “Write Once, Post Everywhere”.

Thanks to everyone for signing up!

I even got a nice compliment from Terence, an alumni :)

Reached 1,500 followers on Twitter!

Hello 1,500 Twitter followers!

It’s been a long journey. Audience has been one of the hardest things I tried to do online. But many thanks to:

The above introduced me to the world of audience building.

I learnt many tips, though I better revisit them on 2023!

Hope you have your own small wins in 2023!



Greg Lim