Bad at Audience Building but Good at Creating Products? Here’s another way.

Greg Lim
2 min readJan 11


Building an audience is one of the most powerful assets you can have. It is not easy though.

I’d like to offer an alternative to earning online, which is to be a Marketplace Maker.

Basically a creator who leverages marketplaces like appstores, amazon, udemy, medium etc.

  1. It helps avoid the dopamine rush of likes, comments, shares and goes straight to sales. In a way, it protects your mental health.

2. It is really more passive. You don’t have to chase retweets, mentions, promotions. You just put it out there & let the algos recommend them.

3. It ages well over time. Gumroad products have an initial sales spike. But inevitably, sales tinker over time.

Marketplace products potentially accumulate reviews & ratings & sales continue over time. eg: 2022 orders for my MERN book

Marketplaces have pitfalls as well. Eg

  • algorithms may change, you fall out of favor
  • they charge a commission eg Amazon 30%, Udemy 50%
  • there’s competition

But its worth considering the Marketplace Maker path especially if building an audience is not your primary thing.

One of the biggest marketplaces is Amazon.

And if you are interested in self-publishing books there, my live course starts tomorrow.



Greg Lim