3 Things You NEED To Know About KDP Keywords to Increase Your KDP Sales

Greg Lim
2 min readMar 27


Good KDP keyword research can literally be the difference between your book making zero sales and making thousands of dollars every single month.

In this article, I’m going to show you three things as a beginner you need to know about keywords to help you optimize your book listings and make as many sales as possible.

1. Keyword placement

Save your best-performing keywords for your title and your subtitle.

For eg, I have ‘GraphQL’, ‘React’, ‘NodeJS’ and ‘Apollo’ in my title/subtitle.

Put the rest of the keywords in your seven keyword boxes.

2. Finding a balance

The ideal niche is one that is high demand, and low competition. But its really hard to find such a niche these days. You need to compromise accordingly.

One way is to have low competition keywords in your title/subtitle and then leaving your seven keyword boxes to deal with the really high competition but also very high demand keywords.

3. Keyword tools

There are a number of tools that you can use for your keyword research. Eg:

  • ASINseed,
  • Publisher Rocket,
  • Helium 10 as options.

Understanding these three key aspects of KDP keyword research, you’ll be better equipped to optimize your book listings and increase your sales on Amazon KDP.

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Greg Lim